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Consulting Highlights


Helped growing manufacturer of film coatings set up a new credit department.  Services included writing a credit policy and procedures manual, selecting and implementing collection software, streamlining the problem resolution process, staff training, creating management reports and the provision of credit management oversight on an ongoing basis.


Audited major furniture manufacturer's credit operations, revealing opportunities for system improvements including process automation.  Initial engagement resulted in the installation of recommended collection software with  positive results.  A follow-up project two years later outlined a complete reorganization of this growing credit department as well as collection software utilization opportunities which  resulted in an eleven day reduction in DSO during the ensuing six months.


Worked with national elevator company on a number of issues which included developing enhancements to the A/R module of their ERP software, the formulation of collection escalation procedures, the design of a dispute resolution process, and consultations regarding the organization of their decentralized collection function and the integration of outsourcing services with their collection process.





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