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A2 Resourcesí expertise in assisting companies compile their own Credit and Collection Policy Manual will soon be available in the form of an on-line service designed to help you to publish your own Policy Manual in just a fraction of the time it would take if you did it all by yourself. Your answers to A2 Resourcesí Credit and Collection Policy Questionnaire will be used to create a unique Policy Manual for your company. You will then have the opportunity of editing your entire Policy Manual before it is finalized in either an HTML or PDF format. You will then be able to print out the manual as a hard copy or distribute it electronically throughout your organization.


The on-line Policy Manual Service is scheduled to be launched in early 2003.In the meantime, A2 Resources can still help you compile a Credit and Collection Policy Manual for your company.We help clients create Custom Policy Manuals through our consulting unit.In fact, if you are a multi-divisional organization with complex needs a Custom Policy Manual may be your best bet.


If you would like to be informed when the service is available or are interested in having a Custom Policy Manual created for your company, please fill out the FeedBack Form that follows below:

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