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Comprehensive Functional Evaluation:


     Cash Flow


     Receivables Management



Cash Is King... Now, more than ever, accelerating cash flow is a critical objective.  There can be no tolerance for system constraints, workflow inefficiencies and hidden risks that create unnecessary transactional friction and otherwise dilute profitability.  In today’s competitive environment, it is imperative companies apply best practices and technology to maximize the value of their hard-earned sales.  A2 Resources can help you optimize your credit and collection function to better achieve your performance goals.




Put Our Experience to Work For Your Company


Benefit from a independent observer’s objective perspective:


    Real life experience in corporate credit management

    Backed up by an extensive network of experts covering every area of credit and collections

    Unparalleled knowledge regarding the vendors (including their products and services) serving the trade credit profession

    Extensively published thought leader in trade receivables management - literally wrote the book on collection automation

    Record of success in helping companies move their credit and collection operations to the next level



Do You Find Yourself Asking...

§         Are we getting as much productivity as we should from our credit staff?

§         Are we staffed at an appropriate level and with the right mix of specialists, generalists and clerks?

§         Why aren’t we making more collection calls?

§         Why can’t we improve DSO?

§         What can we do to cut down on bad debt losses?

§         Do all our procedures make sense?

§         Why are short payment deduction volumes rising?

§         Could either outsourcing or automation boost credit and collection performance?

§         Does it make sense to invest in new credit and collection technologies?

§         What types of credit software are out there?

§         Which investments will give us the best returns?

§         Is there anything we can do internally to get more productivity from our existing receivables software?

§         Are our credit information costs getting out of line?

§         What can we do to improve management reporting?

§         Can our existing credit and A/R systems support our projected growth?

§         Are our credit processes ready for e-commerce?

A2 Resources Can Help You Find the Answers




How Our Comprehensive Functional Evaluation Service Works:

v      We will spend time (typically 1 to 3 days, possibly more for larger organizations) with your credit staff and other related personnel to fully investigate your A/R activities

v      Next, A2 Resources will compile a findings and recommendations report.  When we review the report with management, we will spell out your options and help you prioritize the action steps necessary for you to meet your goals

v      For a modest investment that will quickly pay for itself many times over, A2 Resources can help you improve credit department productivity, increase cash flow and protect profits while controlling costs.


What are Your Goals? 

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